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How to Make Lemonade

By September 11, 2014 No Comments

They say, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”  OK, sounds good to try to make something good from a bad situation.  However, what they don’t tell you is HOW to make lemonade.  I guess it depends on the actual lemons that life has given you.  For the People Team at Daxko, we had a challenging 2nd quarter as we were down headcount on the team while recruiting needs were up.  So, while these “lemons” were really just some extra challenges, we still needed to figure out how to make lemonade.

Here are a few things we did that could be used whenever we get lemons in the future:

  • Good lemonade only needs lemons, sugar and water:  In our case, determining what was most important to our customers and prioritizing those needs was paramount.  We needed to make sure we were working on Important AND Urgent items first, rather than just Urgent, but not Important, or Important, but not Urgent.  While we don’t want to say “no”, sometimes we may have to say, “not yet” depending on what the highest priorities and needs are.
  • You squeeze more lemons together than alone:  During “lean” times, it is more important than ever to keep communication on teams open and honest so that areas where help is needed can be identified quickly and everyone can come together to help out.  Our People Team really lives this philosophy every day, but even more so during the more challenging times.
  • Don’t forget to enjoy the cool, sweet taste of lemonade!  On our team, that can mean when someone seems to be stressing out, offer to take a walk with them (just to get away) or even scheduling one evening a week when the whole team goes out together just to enjoy each other’s company and laugh.  Either way, it can really help to improve your spirits and add to the sweetness of your “lemonade”.

Life can have far more serious “lemons” than just a more than usual challenging time at work.  But, no matter what the lemons, it is always good to remember that you need to know what is really important, ask for help, and enjoy the journey!

Kim B. is a Talent Sherpa who thinks sleeping is an underrated activity and tops every sandwich with potato chips.

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