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Cleveland County Family YMCA Uses Daxko Engage to Connect with Members

By September 22, 2014 No Comments

We had the chance to ask Stacy Bruce, VP of Operations of the Cleveland County Family YMCA some questions about Daxko Engage. Here’s their association’s story:



Q: What were you hoping to Achieve with Daxko Engage?

A:  We really wanted to use it to better connect with our membership base to see what they were thinking. It’s just really hard to do in YMCAs because our staff have twenty other things that they’re doing at the same time. So, the concept has been there for awhile but for YMCAs to pull it off by themselves, it was hard to hire a person that was just there for those things because we also put them at the front desk or they also worked in the fitness center or they’re a group exercise instructor It  just wasn’t as successful doing it ourselves. When the idea was pitched to us through Daxko, we were all about it.

Q:  How does Daxko Engage help you communicate with your members?

A: Now we’re going beyond that 12-week period. We know that if we get [a member] for 12 weeks, statistically speaking, we can keep them a member a little bit longer. So, if [a member] is at week 13 but your attendance has been low, [Daxko] has given us the tools to connect on that. Week 17 is a face to face contact now. [The software] is real time so when those people scan in at the YMCA we’re able to go find them and just tell them “congratulations, you’ve made it 17 weeks as a member. We appreciate you.”  All of that it offers have really helped us connect better with our membership.

Q: Do you have any advice for someone considering Daxko Engage?

A:  The advice that I would give someone considering Engage would be to go for it. At YMCAs we often look at the cost associated with additional services, and it’s worth it in my opinion. And it is something that cannot be done the right way in-house without the right people and that additional cost. I think that a YMCA would pay equally or more to try to do this on their own and I would rather leave it to the professionals.

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