I celebrated my two-year anniversary with Daxko on July 23rd. It has flown by, but in a way, it feels as though I’ve been with the company a lot longer than two years. I’ve accomplished a lot, made so many new friends, and most importantly, I’ve stepped into a career that I love. I’d like to share some of my favorite memories from my time so far at Daxko.

  • I started at Daxko as a part-time MET, and one of my best memories is my very first day. After completing the People Team Orientation, I took a tour of the office. I was floored by how cool and modern it was, and I was stoked about free coffee! I probably had the caffeine jitters for a good two months after I started working here.
  • I also loved the camaraderie I shared with my podmates when I was a MET. From laughing about a 46-minute phone call that one of my podmates had (the lady was very nice but WOULD NOT let him off the phone), to dressing up as the Addams Family with them on Halloween, we had some great times.
  • My promotion to Impact Services Trainer was an amazing day. Tara emailed the rest of the team and announced it on the first night of Kickoff 2013, and so many people congratulated me once I arrived at WorkPlay. I was so flattered and thankful for the opportunity.
  • Creating a new training program for METs and watching them succeed was awesome! I loved getting to know each one of my training groups and then seeing some of those METs transition into full-time roles themselves.
  • I had a blast attending an Impact Services team-building event at Railroad Park with my dog, Molly Bloom. Amanda, a former Impact Services Ambassador, brought her dog Abby (who looks almost identical to Molly). Several people thought Molly and Abby were the same dog until they saw them together!
  • Shifting into the Software Trainer role was also a great memory even though I was initially really nervous – there was a lot to learn (and I’m still learning). My first trip was to Connecticut to shadow Philip Q., and we got caught in a big winter storm. Fortunately, we didn’t have any delays coming home, and I learned a lot.

Of course, I have many more fun memories, but these are some highlights. I’m excited to have many more work anniversaries and for the memories to come.

Janna B. is a Software Trainer who is begrudgingly becoming a morning person and wishes she lived in the late 1960s/early 1970s.

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