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Why are Internships so Important?

By July 20, 2014 4 Comments

As a soon-to-be college grad, I’m familiar with our worst nightmare – unemployment.  Many of my friends are constantly job hunting and perfecting their resume, but do not realize it’s missing one of the most important things. Work experience! Not just the bold, underlined or italicized section header on your resume, but actual, in-the-field, get-your-hands-dirty work experience. In college, one of the best ways to accomplish this is through internships. My first internship was here at Daxko in 2012, and here I am for round two in 2014! You may be asking yourself, “Why are internships so important?” Here are three reasons you should start searching for your perfect opportunity now.


  • Real-world experience: The classroom teaches the basics, but the internship will teach you so much more.  From industry lingo to the intricacies of Microsoft Office, you’ll gain practical knowledge that will set your resume apart. You’ll also learn more about yourself than you thought possible! Your strengths, your weaknesses and the skills necessary to become a competitive applicant in your job hunt.


  • Networking: If your only connections on LinkedIn are your classmates, your professional network could benefit from expansion.  At Daxko, I work with people who are skilled in their field and involved in their communities.  Not only have they helped me meet other young professionals; I now have excellent references to add to my resume.


  • Expanding your skill set: Two years ago, my skills included writing and the ability to nap anywhere. Today, I have professional experience in a niche field (the wonderful world of email marketing) and am learning HTML, Photoshop and other skills employers value, especially in recent grads.


A high-quality resume will land you the interview, but high-quality work experience will land you the job.  Start searching now for opportunities in your field, and be sure to check our job listings often for your perfect internship.  Have you had success with a past internship? Tell us about it and how it helped you land your first job.


  • Latia Williams says:

    My name is Latia Williams. I am a former YLF alumni and visited you all last year some time. I really like the work space and the vibe that I was getting. I am a freshman in college and I am contacting you all for an intership. I wanted to know who can I call about those? Really need help in getting a job or a paid intership. Would really appreciate your help.
    Thank you,
    Latia Williams

    • Mariel M says:

      Latia, Thanks for your interest in Daxko! We have passed your information along to our People Team who will contact you if an internship becomes available.

  • Gloria Law says:

    I am also looking to internship with your company. I love the environment and your mission. I am a junior at UAB majoring in management and information systems. I was hoping to get more information on your internship programs.

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