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Software as Strong as Steel

By July 13, 2014 No Comments

Not too long ago there was a spirit that flowed through workers in Birmingham. That spirit was one with a sense of pride in the things this community represented and built. Birmingham played a substantial role in the steel and iron industry during the early and mid-20th century.  During this time workers went to various mills and performed work unimaginable by most of us today. They worked in areas such as the blast furnace, where scorching heat and brutally hard work met with a vengeance. Even under these working conditions workers, left each day with a sense of accomplishment, a sense that what they do matters, a sense that they were shaping America one piece of steel at a time. They left work feeling like they were making a difference.

Last time I took a stroll around the halls at Daxko, I did not see any blast furnaces, no sweltering heat, no one exhausted from the amount of physical labor they had just endured during their workday. What I saw were shorts, flip-flops and enough caffeine for a double shift. Most importantly though, what I see each day is that same sense of pride that still ignites people the same way it did the mill workers. I see that same sense of accomplishment at the end of a day, the sense that what you do truly does matter and that you along with the rest of the Daxko Nation are making a difference.

We may not make steel, but we do offer software and solutions that are helping our partners shape the next generation of America. I believe that will last longer than the strongest of metals.

Joseph B. is a project manager who hates meals without meat and prefers a cold glass of milk on a hot summer day. 

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