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Rod Grozier Starts Company Focused on YMCA Facility Development

By July 14, 2014 No Comments

I am sure you know my good friend and business partner for the past 14 years, Rod Grozier, has realized a career-long dream of starting a company focused on YMCA facility development.  I could not be more happy for Rod.

A leader with a vision is fun to watch.  You can tell they are thinking about it most of the time.  They talk about it in vivid and colorful detail – almost like it already existed.  Their excitement is contagious.

This is how it has been with Rod for some time.  He wants EVERY YMCA facility to be that wonderful blend of mission, market, and management.  He needed the right business platform to get that done, and I am so pleased that we were able to work together to make that happen.  GRO is a separate, new company ready to serve all your YMCA’s facility needs.  A lot of credit goes to Dave Gray, Daxko CEO, for his spirit of business incubation and willingness to be creative for the greater good.

While the structure will change – functionally you will notice little difference in how Rod and his team will work with the rest of Daxko moving forward.  Planning, market research, and financial development will continue to be seamlessly integrated with facility development.  As you know, Rod’s company has already been selected by YUSA to be their partner of choice for YMCAs seeking facility development and facility management expertise. That arrangement should allow Rod to reach a greater number of YMCAs, which is key to the vision.

Rod was one of the founding partners of Triangle2 in 2000.  He is one of four people (with Julie Sistrunk, Lori Swann, and me) who have a small “T2” tattoo.  The four of us have helped several people launch businesses – but of course this one is very special.

I once heard a client say to a group of YMCA CEOs, “you would be crazy to build or renovate a YMCA without Rod Grozier.”  He is right.  Don’t be crazy – find out more at:  http://gro-dev.com

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