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No Man is an Island at Daxko

By July 9, 2014 No Comments

We have started asking our recently hired team members if they wanted to contribute a post to the Culture Blog sharing their experience or thoughts after they have been with the company for about 30 days or so.  Here is one from Laura G who joined the Launch Team as a Engagement Coordinator.

Remember the poem by John Donne that you were probably tasked with memorizing in school? “No man is an island, entire of itself…”? If this rings a bell (pun totally intended), perhaps you also remember analyzing its theme of interdependence. Well, it’s been a while since I’ve been a student, but during my first few weeks as a team member at Daxko, that line crossed my mind several times. Let me explain…

If you’re reading this blog, I’d imagine you already know a little bit about the collaborative work environment that Daxko provides. It’s true: we do have an open office environment that makes it easy to huddle up with pod mates and share ideas. We also have themed meeting rooms that practically beg for brainstorming sessions. But the connectedness at Daxko is not just about the workspace: as I began to discover even on my first day as a team member, it’s about relationships. With our customers, with each other, and with our community.

As I walked around the office on day one with my Team Lead, I was struck by how well everyone seemed to know each other. These weren’t cordial co-worker conversations. These people are actually invested in each other’s lives. It shows in the daily interaction at Daxko. Cross team collaboration here is unmatched. Each day for me has brought new interactions with folks from all ends of the company. There is truly a culture of connectedness here, and that is what has made Daxko unique to me.

So while free lunches, generous amounts of caffeine, and Razor scooters are all great, I’d have to say that the best part of my first few months at Daxko has been getting to know my fellow team members. I’m learning firsthand the meaning of “no man is an island,” and how this sentiment truly makes Daxko all together, better.

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