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Data Village at Daxatlanta

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About once a month, Astrid P. and I attend a small meet up put on by JuiceAnalytics, a data visualization shop with a presence in Atlanta. Those meet ups are usually focused around the data value chain, and involve people that represent the different points of this chain. It’s a lot of fun, and we always have something to take away from.

In April, Daxlanta office was very excited to host the meet up!

Kick Off

I was able to convince Delphine C. and Bryan H. into giving a little presentation via Skype into how Daxko got into big data, what we learned, and where we are headed next.

data villiage one

I started out by giving a little insight into how we display the Daxko Engagement Index inside of Daxko Engage, and giving a brief overview of the application. Then I handed things over to Delphine and Bryan to share some of the questions that we started out with and the story. For example,

What we learned

There was good conversation and questions around some of the data points we had come up with, along with good suggestions about how to maybe present the information in the future.

data villiage two



There is always so much more to learn, and bringing in new perspectives can really help us ask additional questions to only open up more opportunities. We’re excited to see what the future holds for the Daxko Engagement Index and how it will help impact our customer’s members.

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