Christin Joins Daxko Engage Team

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We are excited to announce Christin Baker has joined Daxko. Christin grew up as a Y kid. Her life was shaped by nonprofit staff that had a passion to change lives. Because of this, Christin is dedicated to developing and supporting people who work in the nonprofit world.

After an impressive 13-year tenure working with YMCAs (4 with individual associations and 9 for YMCA of the USA) Christin is joining the Daxko Engage Team.

I caught up with Christin to get a better look at the work that she will perform.

M: How does market research impact the overall consulting strategy?
C: Before going into a strategic planning session, before looking at program improvement, and before starting a marketing and fundraising campaign, you need to understand how your members and community stakeholders view your organization and services—this is the key to making good decisions.

Nonprofit staff are so passionate about what they do that it’s sometimes difficult to realize that the community doesn’t always see them as they see themselves. Data provided by market research allows us to look at the perception gaps and is critical to being intentional about next steps.

M: What kind of impact do you hope to have in your new role?
C: I love providing people with the tools they need to have a greater impact on the work they already do. I am always moved at how much people want to do their work better and working with Daxko will allow me to provide the tools to do just that!

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