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Selling in the Daxko Nation

By April 23, 2014 No Comments

Senior Vice President of Sales, Jonathan Blackburn led a TMD session last week to give us a glimpse into Daxko’s sales process. Think sales is all wine-and-dine or golf after 3pm? Think again. It takes integrity and value to win business partners.

  • They work hard for the money. There aren’t set hours. There are office hours, travel hours, conference hours, my-proposal-is-due-tomorrow hours and those tricky, end-of-month/quarter/year hours.
  • It’s a balancing act. It all starts with weekly metrics for calls and appointments. Those activities generate a series of follow-up items to create, log and track. In Salesforce. In Outlook. And your forecast. Starting to see progress? Rethink that long coffee break and plan a rinse and repeat cycle instead. You’ll thank yourself for it later.
  • There’s a method to the madness. A good sales process is the cornerstone of a successful sales team. There are a series of steps in the process, each having a specific objective and set of action items. Ideally, each step should be mutually beneficial and logically lead to the next step.
  • Listen and learn.  If your parents taught you that it’s important to consider the needs of others, they taught you an excellent life skill. It’s also the most crucial skill for a sales person to practice. Your needs will never be more important than your prospect’s needs.
  • It takes a village. Everyone in the organization plays a role in our sales efforts. It takes a magical mix of the right people on each team, products that bring value to our markets, seamless implementations and excellent customer service for us to be successful. When we announce a new business partner we’re letting every team member know that their contribution matters.

Amy M. is an Inside Sales Executive who believes a little organization, 2 cups of coffee and a cupcake can fix just about anything.

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