Leading Your JCC with the Right Technology

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Some leaders think of technology as pure cost. Some leaders think of it as a necessary evil. Some leaders try not to think about technology at all. But great leaders know smart investments in the right technology really pay off.

Here are three tips to ensure that your JCC is partnering with the right technology for a smart investment.

#1. Streamline your operations.
Implement solutions that allow you to make strategic decisions faster, empower your front-line staff, and simplify your budget.

#2. Provide training, monitor adoption, and demand accountability.
Implement a comprehensive plan to encourage adoption and measure results. Foster increased member engagement and staff job satisfaction.

#3. Protect your community and your reputation.
Achieve PCI compliance. Any organization that processes credit cards must be PCI compliant or face fines ranging from $5,000 to $100,000 per month. Make sure both you and your software provider are PCI compliant.

For more information and actionable ideas surrounding leadership and technology, visit and view 5 Ways Great JCC Leaders Leverage Technology.

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