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Casual Dress Doesn't Equal Casual Work

By March 24, 2014 No Comments

Do you ever get that strange look from the person in the elevator? The look that screams “really? You’re wearing shorts and t-shirts to work? Even more, flip-flops”.  I even get this look sometimes in the gas station, getting coffee. The employee at the counter says “Oh, you’re off work today.”

We all have more than likely received this look at some time during our tenure at Daxko. The fact that we can dress like were going to the park and actually be going to work is great. It also blows other peoples mind when they see you dressed so casual.

The casual dress code at Daxko is one of those overlooked treasures. Just imagine for a second how awesome it really is to be able to wake up and throw on your favorite t-shirt and jeans and head to work. No making sure the suit and slacks are pressed. No making sure the clothes are back from the dry cleaners. And especially important, no worries when you spill that Bar-B-Q sauce on your shirt on family lunch day. It’s a t-shirt, you have a hundred more. It truly is a great perk that often gets taken for granted.

For some reason people associate casual dress with casual work. That is not the case at Daxko. The dress may be casual but the work and energy being put forth to serve our partners is far from it. There are teams constantly focused on improving this or simplifying that. The effort put forth by the different teams within Daxko is amazing. I am happy to be a part of such a great place.

Joseph B. is a project manager who hates meals without meat and prefers a cold glass of milk on a hot summer day. 

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