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MET Award Winners for This Month!!!

By February 2, 2014 No Comments

Ducks In a Row – Courtney Cook
Courtney’s pod (No Diggity) has taken on a lot of different branches and has helped with others’ branches. She has stayed very organized and shown a great deal of ownership to help tackle all of these new tasks. Great Job, Courtney!!

Holy Cow – Deborah Epley
Some may refer to Deborah as “Wonder Woman”. She has been a great source of information for her team mates, a wiz at helping with emails, and is excellent at building rapport with individuals over the phone. The nick-name suits her well. Wonderful job, Deb!

On Fire – Michael White
Here today, there tomorrow. Mike has recently transitioned into Inbound where he takes calls for not only Providence, but South Hampton Roads as well. He has picked up on all of his new tasks quickly, and efficiently. He’s taken great ownership over his branches and is an asset to the team(s). Great work, Mike!

Rookie – Jasmine Shorter
Jasmine joined Daxko just over a month ago, but you’d think she has been here for a year. Although she is new to the team, she has really dug into her role and become comfortable with her new tasks. She has especially “hit it out of the park” with Manatee. Keep up the good work, Jasmine!

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