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It's All About the Balance

By February 17, 2014 No Comments

When you work for a company that brings out the best in you, challenges you, and has some of the best people working for it, it is easy to give your all to your job! I recently moved into a full time roll and some of the best advice I received during my transition was to watch your work/life balance. So, I found a few tips to help us all keep our work hard, play hard status like we like it courtesy of

1. Schedule downtime

It is so easy to go home after work and clean or help kids with homework or the million other things we as adults have to do. What we have to remember though is that we need time to recharge. So schedule time to sit down and watch the Bachelor with your girl friends or poker with the boys. Even a quiet dinner with your spouse can be quite the recharging station.

2. Lose the activities that weigh you down

Your time is valuable. It is the only commodity we can never get back. Once it is spent, it is gone. So why waste it on things that bring no value to your life? Perhaps instead of spending half an hour on social media during the work day, you could devote your time and be able to leave a little earlier and  go to the Y! After all, swim suit season is right around the corner!

3. Workin’ on your fitness (who’s my witness?)

Speaking of going to the Y, studies show that exercising boosts your energy level and ability to concentrate. So, not only are you looking better and feeling better, but you are also able to focus at work and be more efficient! Win-win!

As we head into the time when most new years’ resolutions are beginning to be forgotten, think about making it a priority to be balanced with your work and personal lives so that both can be better, making 2014 the best year ever!

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