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Y-Cross Regular…

By January 19, 2014 No Comments

A lot of Daxko team members are walking around with sore muscles these days. Why? They are all doing Y-Cross at the Shades Valley YMCA at lunch on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Y-Cross is sort of the YMCA version of competitive boot camp. And I think we can safely say it has quite the cult following at Daxko. I am one of those followers.

It’s hard to pinpoint how exactly or when exactly this group of guys and gals started becoming Y-Cross regulars, but we now regularly have 10 or so of our team members sweating (and sometimes swearing) doing box jumps, pushups, and “man makers” (don’t ask).

Some might feel uncomfortable having their co-workers see them sweating and red-faced and I had to admit it was a concern of mine too when we started out. But, at the end of the day, I think it has helped me make new friends at my workplace. And, since the Y-Cross participants come from all over the company I get to associate with other departments including sales, marketing, QA, and software engineering. Even better? It really helps you stay accountable having others in your workplace that will notice when you don’t join a class. At Daxko we can even invite people to join our Well (employee wellness software) Y-Cross group, arrange rides to the YMCA, and chat about the workout. Plus, a little gentle nudging when you don’t show up for your usual workout is a good thing.


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