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To the One Who Stood Her Ground….Congrats!

By January 7, 2014 No Comments

Of course you know, we have the house divided room.  With our corporate offices located in Alabama, you have to choose Auburn or Alabama. SEC all the way, right?

Well, not necessarily for everyone.   At the beginning of the football season, we tweeted pictures of all of the different alliances our many team members held throughout the office.

There was one lone ranger, one lonesome dove that stood her ground throughout the entire season. This one team member would  stand boldly with her Florida State colors and t-shirt every game day and talk smack on that great Clemson v FSU game day with the best of them.  Who do we reference, you ask?

None other than our People Team Ambassador, Sara L.

Congratulations to the Florida State University Seminoles winning the BCS National Championship! If no where else, you have one true fan in Sara L.

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