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Snowpocalypse @ Daxko…Mission "Rescue Molly Kate"

By January 31, 2014 No Comments

Chapple (Sales)

On Tuesday morning around 10:00 AM, snow started falling heavily, so I left work to go check my daughter out of school. I got a call at 10:30 AM saying schools were shutting down at 11:30 AM. After 5 hrs of traffic gridlock, I abandoned my car in Homewood & walked to Vestavia, fully equipped with my survival kit: bottled water, a snack, work out clothes, makeup bag, work laptop & emergency money. After walking a few miles uphill in the snow, I got a ride with a Good Samaritan close to home & made it back before dark.

My daughter, Molly Kate was picked up at school and stayed with Pastor Bart & Kathy Brookins from Fullness Christian Fellowship; they lived close to her school and were willing to take snow refugees. I was so thankful because otherwise she would have had to sleep at school! The next morning, Vestavia Police brought Molly Kate to a friend’s house about 2 miles away. My mother was with me, so we set out on a rescue mission to go get Molly Kate. Another Good Samaritan going our way was kind enough to give us a ride on an ATV to get up and down the icy hills. Finally, we got to Molly Kate and were reunited at last! We all made it home safely after 28 hours of being stranded, separated, and stressed. Mission “Rescue Molly Kate” was complete.

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