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Snowpocalypse @ Daxko….ATL

By January 31, 2014 No Comments

At about 1:02 pm on 1/28/14, a day better known as Snowpocalypse, I decided to flee the Daxlanta office. My wife, an elementary school librarian, had frantically called me several times telling me to head home because of the weather. That combined with the increasing number of red exclamation points on Google Maps combined with reports of overturned vehicles was enough to convince me it was time to begin my 30 mile voyage home. That day I had brought my little furry companion Pea to work. She’s a small, calm Boston Terrier who seems to act like a human at times. So really it was Pea and I who set out on the 30 mile trek home.

When the road in front of our office was backed up, I knew this was going to be a long commute. The road in front of the office is NEVER backed up.

The second sign came when I went up the first hill in front of the office. The roads were so coated with ice that I could barely control my car.  After going only 1 mile in 45 minutes and knowing larger, icier hills lay ahead, I decide to travel to a friends house just 4.5 miles away from my current location instead of attempting to travel all 30 miles home. I took a right on the next street I saw. The first 2 miles went pretty quickly given the circumstances and the traffic on other major roads. But as I got closer to my destination, traffic worsened I almost gave up. There were a few points where I nearly ditched my car on the side of the road because traffic had not moved for almost an hour. But, even a mile or two hike in this weather would have been a challenge for my tiny Boston Terrier so I decided to stay with my car, and soon traffic continued to move SLOWLY.

Finally I arrived at my friends house, 4.5 hours after I left the office. I’m very thankful that my wife was able to get home safely and that our friends were able to give Pea and me a warm place to sleep that night.

The next day Pea and I chose to attempt the 30 mile journey back home, and luckily we had good road conditions just about the whole way there. There were a few sketchy spots, but we made it home safely, and my wife had swept the driveway! That’s right swept. With a broom. Sounds silly, but it worked! I even got to snowboard down my street before the sun went down that day.

Stay warm!

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