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Product Management Makes Some Tough Choices

By January 9, 2014 No Comments

For everyone who has wondered why our product team is working on one project and not another, I can now sum it up in one word…balance.

Daxko often holds Team Member Development (TMD) sessions to help Daxko team members internally understand what goes on with other teams within the company. Our most recent TMD was titled, Build This, Not That, and it was a great reminder that product management decisions aren’t made randomly or arbitrarily. As a company, we have to look at our options and opportunities through a variety of lenses to see which things will best serve all of our goals. If there were a recipe for this delicate balancing act, the ingredient list would include:

  • Corporate objectives
  • Mission statement
  • Customer requests
  • Immediate needs
  • Market data
  • Strategic goals
  • Financial objectives
  • Capacity

* Mix all of the ingredients and prepare it to serve many needs now and in the future.

We’re all guilty of thinking that the focus should be on something else based on what our team is experiencing in the moment. Take a step back and look across all of the needs, of all teams, in every moment. Now you’ve walked in product management’s shoes.

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