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Employment Law is All About Love

By January 12, 2014 No Comments

Lately, I’ve been really interested in employment law. That might sound like a crazy statement, but maybe it’s because I just completed my first year on the People Team (Daxko’s version of Human Resources). Or maybe I’m interested because it affects everyone… from employers to employees, from individual to an entire class of people, to my interests to the interests of those I care about. Knowing employment law and how it works is really important and pretty interesting… who knew?!

I recently attended a Leadership Academy taught by Dawn B, VP of People, called “Team Lead Legalities”. In it, we learned about different laws such as Title 7 (of 1964) Civil Rights Act, Pregnancy Discrimination Act (1978), Age Discrimination Act (1967), and Americans with Disabilities act (ADA) (1994). Each of these laws protects different classes of people from discrimination, harassment, or retaliation.

In October, Mark Toth gave a compelling webinar called Answers to the World’s Scariest Employment Law Questions. I’ve been to a few of Mark Toth’s webinars, and usually one of the first questions is, “If you had to boil all of employment law down to one word, what would it be?” And the answer might surprise you… it’s LOVE. That’s right, love. Because when you really think about why we want to protect people, and in particular our Team Members, it’s because we love them.

I encourage everyone to learn about Employment Law. Because most likely, either you or someone you know is protected or has rights according to established laws and rulings. And besides that, it is really interesting. But seriously, it really is!

Julie S. loves cold Peanut MnMs and is a Disney Princess masquerading as a Talent Scout at Daxko.

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