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Daxko Impact Days: Atlanta

By January 8, 2014 No Comments

Just a few of weeks ago, the Daxko Atlanta team participated in our biannual Impact Days. Twice a year, the whole company will donate an entire day to volunteering to local organizations. This is my second Impact Day, and the Atlanta team helped out with our local Habitat for Humanity chapter.

The house was just about finished, but there were still a few things for us to do. There were a group of high school kids coming in the next morning to paint the trim inside the house, so we helped prep by filling in holes and masking off the trim for them. James B. and Patrick B. also sharpened their “saw horse” skills by putting one together. That saw horse was pretty impressive. We even found some puppies to help us out!

The family who the house was being built for will be handed over to a single mother with her 17 year old son and younger daughter. The plan to move in on December, 21st, with ceremony and all. The head contractor had mentioned the son is there every weekend helping out in anyway he can.

Overall is it was a great experience. Working with the team outside the office and helping a family whom we never met made it even more humbling. I’m already looking forward to helping out with the next Habitat house

Interesting stats and takeaways:

  • Nearly 50 Habitat for Humanity homes are finished every day around the country
  • This particular chapter has completed over 200 homes
  • They don’t just hand over the homes they require each home owner to work 300 hours of sweat equity (working on their own home and other Habitat Houses)

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