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All I Needed to Know I Learned From…College Football

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Sadly, the regular college football season is over.  As I wait for the post season games to begin, I’ve been reminiscing on lessons learned.  In thinking about these, I fondly remember another post by Julie S. about lessons from Nick Saban.  Looking at college football as a whole, here is what I came up with….add some of your own in the comments area below:

  • Lesson #1: Even if the odds aren’t in your favor, go for it anyway! What looks good on paper may change drastically in real life.  There were many games this year where the long shot actually won.  If we just went by the stats, it should never have happened.  But, that’s why we play the game!
  • Lesson #2: The uniform doesn’t really matter.  Sure, you want to dress appropriately for the situation, but this year several teams wore colors I was not used to seeing.  For instance, I kinda like the newer look that the Tennessee Volunteers sported, but wondered if not having the “big orange” look would change their game.  I don’t think it did.  It really is about team, talent, training and, yes, luck.  At Daxko, you can see a veritable fashion show from ties to flip flops but our talent and dedication are what shines through when you look closely!
  • Lesson #3: It is a team sport. Many times when well matched teams meet and the score is close, people tend to pick a hero or a zero to praise or blame for the whole game.  Let’s face it, death threats to a kicker after a game as if he were the whole reason for the loss is really missing the big picture…and, also, crazy!  There are other players, coaches and staff that all play a part in what happens on the field and it takes 60 minutes to win or lose.  At Daxko, I can give MANY of my own examples and examples I see throughout the company where a win is for the group and a loss is for the group…..we all win or lose together on each project because we step in and help out and don’t throw someone under the bus if the result isn’t what we were expecting.
  • Lesson #4: It’s just a game! I live in Alabama, a state with a great rivalry of college football.  So, it is normal that we all feel some emotion at wins and losses, especially against each other.  But, you hear stories of people being shot or beloved, symbolic icons (like trees) being destroyed, and think, “What in the world?”  I love my job, team and company, but I also know my life priorities and where my family fits in.  There is a balance that we each work to maintain and while I doubt it is ever in perfect balance, keeping perspective of what matters at the moment, and what really doesn’t is important.  It’s not always easy to gauge what is the most important thing in any given moment, but some things are black and white and remembering “It’s just a game” reminds me of that.  My Team Lead, Concetta, helps me to keep things in perspective and prioritize at work so that I can be a better wife and family member at home.

I love football and finding ways to apply its lessons.  What lessons has it taught you?

Kim B. is a Talent Sherpa who thinks sleeping is an underrated activity and tops every sandwich with potato chips.

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