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Agile for Kindergartners; It Works!

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Last year I was introduced to the world of Agile and Scrum.  Well, not  really just introduced to it because the engineers at Daxko have been practicing this method of project management for some years now. So I was familiar with the concept or at least the “buzz” words of it for recruiting. But last year I actually learned about it. I shared a few blog posts of the journey of how the People Team decided to incorporate this project management style into our regular routine. You can the different posts about our journey and what we learned below.

The People Team and Agile?

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So What Happened with Agile and the People Team?

Well, now I have taken another step towards the Agile insanity train. Ok, maybe not so insane but I had to throw something dramatic in there. I have made an agile task board for my 5 and 6 year old sons at home.

To some it might look like a regular chore chart, but it’s not. It’s different. It is the use of the agile philosophy that makes it different.

  • Break things into small accomplishable tasks that can be tracked – In oppose to hearing, “Your chores are to make your bed everyday, clean the playroom and clean your bedroom.  If you do this every week, you can get $5.” To a 5 or 6 year old, that’s a lot.  It’s not a big overcoming thing for the boys to see that all they have to do is move one sticker a day and it is done. Break it down.
  • Celebrate wins – It is actually exciting for me and my team of adults at work to move things over to the “Done” column when we complete tasks. How much more is it when my boys move their sticker over to a “Done” column with $ signs? Then Mommy or Daddy says “Good job!”
  • Keep it visual – This chart is located in the hallway next to our bedroom.  This is in a place that everyone has to walk by multiple times everyday.  It is very big and very colorful.

One other thing that I did was called it an allowance chart instead of a chore chart.  I like to keep things positive and encouraging.

Well, so far this chart has worked wonderfully and the boys are extremely excited about it. At the end of the first week, they rushed to set the chart back up and to get prepared for the next week.

Sidebar, just in case you were wondering, there is also a section for Conduct based on how they do in school that day (you know – Green, Yellow, Red or numbers, etc). If they come home on a good number that day they put a thumbs up sticker. If they come home below acceptable they put up a thumbs down sticker and deduct $1 from what they can earn in allowance that week.

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