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3 Tips to Use Corporate Partnerships to Find Committed Members

By January 30, 2014 No Comments

Building partnerships is essential to most businesses. As a nonprofit, it is even more important to establish relationships with reputable employers. There are many reasons to establish corporate partnerships, but the foremost reason for YMCAs, JCCs, and community centers is to engage and retain new members. If YMCAs and others can not only sign more new members from partner employers, but also encourage them to be healthier as a group it not only fulfills their mission in the community but it also guarantees that those members will be likely to stay involved with the organization.

There is one more big reason that establishing YMCA, JCC and community center corporate partnerships with employers is increasingly important. The Affordable Care Act includes provisions that encourage employers to put more emphasis on wellness. Establishing these partnerships ahead of the trend  and providing a wellness option that employers find valuable will position your organization well as community health initiatives come to the forefront in America.

Here’s 3 tips to engage more employees within your corporate partnerships:

Remove Barriers – Not everyone is going to be comfortable joining a YMCA, JCC, or local community center right off that bat. Help employers to give employees other options to build up their confidence. This seems counterintuitive but allowing employees to start wherever they are comfortable, will help you gain members that have built up their confidence and are truly ready to commit to their YMCA, JCC, or community center.

Create Awareness – Create knowledge or awareness of what is happening within the company. Even better, find a way to socialize what is happening.

Use Data – If you can make it easy for people to track and view aggregate level data, then do it. Employers want to see that their efforts are producing results. Those results will keep your employers engaged in the partnership and give them ideas on how to improve their ability to create awareness within their company.

Austin Merritt is the General Manager of Daxko Well, corporate-wellness engagement software that helps employers foster “a culture of wellness.”  Learn more at livewell.io.

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