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As we begin the month of November, our focus often shifts to the topic of thankfulness. Some of us wait until Thanksgiving Day to go around the dinner table and talk about what we are thankful for, and some of us make a month long effort to express gratitude on social media.

This year, the theme of thankfulness in the month of November takes on new meaning for me. This time last year, I was a few weeks away from welcoming my first baby into the world. Everyone around the office was excited to meet Daxko’s newest addition, and my sweet teammates were throwing showers and giving us gifts for our baby boy. What I didn’t know was that life was about to take a much unexpected turn.

You see, things didn’t go as planned. On November 30th , when our son Gabe was born, we quickly knew that something was horribly wrong. He was very sick, and fighting for his life. The next three weeks were spent in the NICU, with doctors and nurses and insurance representatives- not with family and friends like we had planned. It was an unimaginably difficult time.

But guess who took care of us during our time of need? My Daxko family. And I don’t just mean three or four close friends that I happen to know through work. I am referring to my entire Daxko family- 200+ strong. We received cards with words of encouragement, emails from the Leadership Team, snacks and baby toys and Facebook messages and fruit- you name it. I even had offers from a teammate- who is not exactly a dog lover- to take care of my dog until we came home.

The best part is that the generosity and love did not end when we left the NICU on December 22nd. It is continual. Our son experiences delays as a result of his injury, and requires a great amount of care. My Daxko family asks me about his progress and rejoices with us when he reaches an important milestone. My team checks on me and asks how they can help. People take on tasks for me when I need to leave for appointments or therapy sessions so that I can focus on Gabe without worrying about a loose end. And none of this is accidental. My Daxko family has responded this way because that is who we are. Our culture dictates the kind of people that we hire, and the way we interact with one another. We are not “coworkers”- we are teammates. Daxko hires new teammates with a great interest in their aptitude to serve, and then cultivates that ability so that we are always inclined to help our customers. This environment leads to us operating much more like a family, and far less like independent people that sometimes need something from one another. For most, this makes Daxko a great place to work and leads to a rewarding career. For me, it has meant even more.

How do you make your organization a great place to work?

What are you thankful for this year?

Thank you Daxko Family!

Becki I. is a Premier Support Coordinator, a football fanatic, an ESTJ, a doting Aunt, and one proud “Momma”.

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