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On the road again…

By November 3, 2013 No Comments

It has been quite a journey during the Fall 2013 Career Fair season and we’ve had some great experiences. We love meeting future Daxko Team Members and hanging out on campus with some great career advisors and professors. I’m once again blown away by the hospitality we have been shown and we can’t wait until next year!

As we prepare to wrap up another successful career fair season, I’d like to take a look back on a few things that stand out to me about recruiting and some of the ‘special’ things I’ve noticed along the way.

Did you know that the Auburn career center has a dress code for their career fair? My first impression of the Auburn Career Fair was 1. The food and beverages at the Hotel at Auburn were very tasty and 2. Wow, these students sure know how to dress! I told one of the Auburn career center advisors the latter, and she let me know that they do have a dress code. If a student comes in wearing jeans and flip flops, they are sent home to change. Good thing this doesn’t apply to recruiters since Daxko usually wear jeans and t-shirts! But I can tell you from this recruiter’s standpoint, it really stood out!

Did you know the JLDC career expo had hover crafts and an ambulance at their career expo? First you might be asking, “What is the JLDC?” It is the Joint Leadership Development Conference and they hold a two day event where more than 5,000 high school students and teachers around the state can come to learn more about different topics such as leadership, learning, and future careers. This event was held at the BJCC and even Governor Robert Bentley stopped by! They had massive displays from other partners including a real ambulance. Now that’s what I call a dynamic event!

Did you know that UAB has a part-time career fair that helps employ lots of students? This career fair was one of the great sources of recruiting for Daxko for Fall of 2013. I believe we hired several students from this fair, and we are thrilled to make UAB one of the top Universities we recruit from. It also was a highlight to be set up in the Campus Rec Center. Ping pong tables and leather couches in the rec center? I’m there!

Did you know that The University of Alabama engineers are top notch? In the past, Daxko has participated in several different career fairs put on by The University of Alabama including the Communications Fair, the All Majors Fair, and the Business Fair. But it had been a while since we attended the Engineering Fair. We were thrilled to see the professional and polished students that came to meet us. We are looking forward to talking to many of those students in the future about our job opportunities.

And just so you know, we also love visiting college campuses even if it is not during a career fair. We have done several presentations at different Universities this season such as Georgia Tech, Mississippi State, UAB and more! So be looking for Daxko very soon on a campus near you…

Julie S. loves cold Peanut MnMs and is a Disney Princess masquerading as a Talent Scout at Daxko.

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