Happy ThanksGIVING!

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Did you hear the latest feat of the Make a Wish foundation?  In San Francisco, thousands of volunteers showed up to transform portions of the city into Gotham City to fulfill a 5-year-old boy’s wish to be batman.  They went all out! One volunteer was a damsel in distress, another volunteer was the defeated Riddler and many others showed up to be the crowd to cheer the young “Batkid” on.

It is amazing to see how someone with a giving heart can have an effect on another person’s life. The above feat was a combination of one person giving $1 and another giving 1 hour all for this kid, who they didn’t even know.

Yes, it is Thanksgiving and yes, it is a time to give thanks but let us also be thankful for being able to give.

As you know, Daxko has two Impact Days during each year where we shut down our offices and go out into the community as a team and make a difference.  Our last Impact Day was November 15.  We will post more information about that soon. But there are other times where individuals give of their time and money without the recognition.

Throughout the year, Daxko has many team members that fly under the radar because they give without it being a holiday. We have some team members that serve lunch at the Jimmie Hale Mission once a week. We have others that are regularly part of a fundraising team for a variety of local non-profits to meet the needs of the community.  We even have others that take efforts to help stock the shelves of the Community Food Bank of Central Alabama. They make it easier for others to give.

So, during this time of giving thanks, let’s take a moment and think of ways that we can just give. There are multiple organizations that are looking for an extra hand or an extra donation that can make a difference in someone’s life.

Happy ThanksGIVING!

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