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From Casual to Committed

By November 25, 2013 No Comments

This month, I switched over from the marketing team to the sales team. In my new role, I’m helping lead our customers to the products that will keep their members engaged and connected. And, I love working on Daxko’s Mobile App precisely because it is one of the products that does so much to keep our customers connected with their members.

November’s TMD titled “Bringing it All Together for Healthy Living” was particularly helpful for me. April B, SVP of Market Strategy, discussed how Daxko helps nonprofits take their members from casual to committed.

At Daxko, there are 5 areas in which we are dedicated to helping our customers move the needle:

1.      Clear Messaging

Some of our customers struggle with messaging that defines who they are. This is the most important thing our customers can do. They have to show what they stand for so that the community will want to be a part of the cause. Tom M of Daxko’s T2 Consulting is an industry expert in creating vision and leadership. T2’s Lori S helps nonprofits with marketing and messaging.

2.      Scalable Tools

Tracking and communication tools are needed, but many YMCAs, JCCs, and community centers do not know which tools to choose from. With members outnumbering staff 270:1, it is vital for our customers to use these tools to stay relevant to the members they serve. Daxko has lots of tools to help nonprofits engage their members.

3.      Identifying Targets

Its difficult to determine who you need to reach without the right tools. Watch the video on how the YMCA of the Pikes Peak Region is using Daxko Engage to reach out to specific members as they come into their facility.

4.      Innovative Offerings

There has to be a match up between community need and programs/services provided. Our customers must ask themselves, “What motivates my members to be committed to healthy living?” Mike S from Daxko’s T2 Consulting group is the master of coming up with innovative offerings for nonprofits that are centered around Healthy Living

5.      Partnerships

Strong, effective partnerships in the community are essential to propel healthy living. A few examples of partnerships for YMCAs, JCCs, and community centers would be hospitals, corporate wellness programs, local weight loss programs, etc. Daxko Well is one of our newest products that connects corporate wellness programs with our nonprofit customers.

Chapple C. is a Marketing Coordinator who enjoys breathing fresh air, consuming a good book, and reveling in quality time.

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