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Daxko: Mediocre Team Members with High Achieving Spirits

By November 10, 2013 No Comments

Sunday night a well-known coach made the following statement “mediocre people don’t like high achievers and high achievers don’t like mediocre people”. This got me to wondering… how true is this statement?

I think it is true that no one likes the person who doesn’t pull their weight or carry their fair share of the load be it on a playing field or in the workplace.  However, no one likes the person who thinks they are the highest achiever and constantly reminds everyone of this either. Wherever there is a team present, you need all members to fully contribute based on their skill sets to be able to perform at the highest possible level.

How do you build a great team with these two large conflicts? My opinion is you compose your team of people who do not fall into either category. You find mediocre people with a high achieving spirit. After all, we’re all pretty mediocre physically; but your spirit is what can choose to ignore the mediocrity of your physically abilities and push for success anyway.


Great, how do you find these people? You don’t. They find each other. See mediocre people with high achieving spirits have one thing in common. They are constantly reviewing their current results and exploring different ways to improve on those.  People that have this mindset tend to find one another and stay together. After all, they all want one thing…to improve.


Any time you step through the elevators at Daxko, you can immediately feel something is different about this place. Pretty soon, you find out exactly what it is. There are physically mediocre people here that have high achieving spirits.


A few examples:

  • Mediocre minded support team – what is the least amount of help I can give the customer to get them off the phone, close the case and get back to surfing the web.
    • Daxko support team member – What is the best possible solution for your organization and how can I help you with this issue that gives you a great experience and a sense that you have a partner who is here to serve you.
    • Mediocre HR team – not my problem. Call BCBS.  I have other things to worry about than your petty complaints.
      • Daxko People Team – Welcome new hires. Here are some tools to help you get started. I’ll follow up with you in a couple of weeks to see how things are going. Health Fair, that is a great idea, let’s do it.

Many more examples could be listed. The great thing about Daxko is that word has spread and keeps spreading that this is the place for high achieving spirits. Spirits that each day choose to challenge themselves and one another. With this, comes a great team and great success. I am happy to be part of such a team.

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