The Details on Email Changes that Affect Nonprofits

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Recently, there have been changes within large email clients that have made eMarketers sit up and take notice.  One of those changes is within the Google mail inbox. At Daxko Engage, our goal is to send targeted, valuable email campaigns to our client’s membership. In order to do this effectively, we dedicate time to stay on top of email changes that might affect their key performance indicators (KPI’s), such as open and click through rates.

Changes to the Google inbox are new and there is conflicting data available regarding the affect Gmail inbox changes will have on email performance. We do, however, have information about these changes and how they may affect you:

  • Gmail changed their interface to have three inboxes organized by Tabs.  The default tabbed inboxes on the new Gmail are: Primary, Social and Promotions. Email is automatically sorted into the most logical of these tabs based on the sender and your interactions. Due to this automated sorting, eMarketers are understandably concerned that by classifying their emails as “promotions” Gmail users will be less likely to see and interact with their emails from our partner associations.
  • Google has not released the process it uses to classify emails into the promotional bin, so association emails could show up in the default “primary” or the secondary “Promotions” tab depending upon things like the subject line, email copy or your status as a sender.
  • These changes will not affect the majority of people accessing email on their phones.  The majority of mobile users will not see the tabs on their devices (including iPhone and iPad users).

Early reporting has not shown a significant difference between open rates prior to and after the Gmail changes.  The small differences that have been seen vary between email providers used, which may be due to different markets served by different email providers. While these and more changes are happening and not showing major effects, it will take a while to analyze and understand the full implications of the changes.

With this in mind, it is a good time to make sure you are operating your eMarketing departments with solid strategies in place. In the next post, we offer tips help you do just that with tips to create and maintain a solid eMarketing plan to see you through.

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