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Take a Day Off…We'll Survive

By October 2, 2013 No Comments

Earlier this week I took a day of Paid Time Off (PTO), a personal day.  Now, I’m one of those people who have to rationalize taking a day off for me.  What needs to be done at work? How is the workload? What can I get done at home? Even after I answered all of those questions in favor of me taking a day, I still told my husband that morning “I think I’m going to go into work”. He replied in a direct fashion, “Why?”

I love my husband. He knew I was tired from the weekend and I needed a day. I really didn’t have a good reply for him. So I took a day. BUT I was going to go by the office later and get my laptop and probably do some things that I thought were fun, work related but fun, from home later that afternoon.

I called into the office to talk to my teammate, Kim.  I let her know that I may come by the office later on to pick up my computer and I hear it again. Kim replies, “Why?” I pause and make up some jive answer and hurry to get off the phone. Again, another caring person knowing that I needed a break.

So, all is set for me to enjoy my day off. I’m going to get some house work done, meet a friend for lunch and get some curtains to match a new painting in my bedroom.  I may even go shoe shopping (don’t tell my hubby). I’m going to enjoy the day off. But I continue to look at that little envelope on my iphone that indicates that I have new messages in my Daxko inbox.

Come on Cetta, you can’t check it. Enjoy your day.  It’s so hard to resist!

Here is my reasoning, with the logical reply that I would give to any other person.

  • What if someone needs something from me? Then they have your cell phone number and will call in case of an emergency. Other than that, it can wait until tomorrow. 
  • I need to keep up with what is going on. Why? What are you going to do about it from home? What can you possibly accomplish on your day off, away from the office that can’t wait until you return?
  • I will look like a slacker if I don’t check my email or respond. It is up to you to control your work-life balance. Unless your job description requires you to check email when you are away from the office, you are taking that onus upon yourself.

Then I realized that I am right, like always.  I still had to fight the urge but I didn’t check my email and I enjoyed my day.  I came to work the next day refreshed and guess what? Daxko survived without me!

Concetta L. is a bean counter turned social butterfly. She loves to laugh, sing, dance and sleep. Just trying to figure out how to do it all at once.

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