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PRCA/PRSSA – Self-brand & Get Noticed

By October 29, 2013 No Comments

Daxko team members Mariel M and Concetta L offered UAB PRCA/PRSSA a combined lifetime of “entering the workplace” knowledge in an hour-long presentation this month. The duo provided insider tips on valuable topics every college student can benefit from: self-branding and how to get noticed (and subsequently hired). Most of us left the meeting brainstorming creative ways to present ourselves to potential employers and making edits to our social media selves.

Digital Content Manager Mariel oversees the content and strategy for Daxko. Mariel emphasizes that every piece of information Daxko publishes and every decision it makes reflects its brand. Individual users of social media have similar rules governing their social media presence. Mariel suggested 5 points to optimize your own brand:

  1. Be consistent. Make your social media presence uniform. That is, don’t dress your Facebook persona up as a specialist in one field, then focus your Linkedin profile as another. Mariel affirms that users may include diverse workplace skills as long as they focus on their general field of study.
  2. Do your research. Always know your message and your audience. I was once told by a professor, “If you know the audience you’re trying to reach and you know what their goal is, you’ll save a lot of time in your profession.”
  3. Get out there! Connect in any way possible. “ As a former book club member who got a job from it, I can stand by this,” said Mariel. Networking doesn’t just include business socials and gatherings. In fact, it’s everything. Every time you step foot into a building, Tweet, or even answer the phone, the opportunity to network presents itself.
  4. Protect your privacy. Create two separate groups to share your social media with: personal and professional. Make sharing decisions appropriate for each audience. It’s wise to share articles and information relevant to your business interests with your professional group.
  5. Control the conversation. If you begin the discussion, you already have the upper hand in contributing to the conversation. With that being said, you can present your strengths (i.e.- knowledge on the subject) in a collected manner.

As Daxko’s People Team Leader, Concetta discussed her experiences with a variety of applicants. From creepy applicants to enthusiastically annoying, where do you draw the line? Daxko has a scoring system for 7 success factors including characteristics like synergistic teamwork, and innovation. The system is the basis for scoring, but it’s not just determined by a résumé. Even applicants who score in the middle of the company’s scoring system can stand out with creative tactics such as “hire-me” videos and résumé-based websites.

Concetta suggested ways to attract positive attention to yourself via social media. Two simple efforts offhand are to:

  1. Write about people you would like to connect with and
  2. Consider your social media footprint. If you discuss an individual you are interested in, you’ve already made initial contact in the global world where information is instantaneously made public.

Concetta ended the discussion by asking us to remember Phineas and Ferb’s words of wisdom when utilizing social media, “Nothing is ever erased.”

Guest blogger: Kaylyn A. is the VP of Programs for UAB PRCA/PRSSA and works & interns at Richard Joseph Salon Spa. Kaylyn attributes her school and work success to daily doses of yoga, green tea, motivational stories, and her cat, Leo(nardo) de Kitty.

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