I would like for you to meet Pea. (a.k.a P-girl, P-groove, and P. Sherman). She is the newest and only canine Daxko team member who drops by every once in a while to the Daxlanta office.  Pea shares the responsibilities of the team. Let me just take you through a day in the life of one of her visits.

She usually starts the day off in our daily standup meetings by giving her status for the day and making sure we don’t forget about her and her belly rub requirements.

After our daily standup, she usually finds her way over to the sunny areas of the office and thinks about what she is going to do next, but it usually turns out to be a nap.

When she feels like it, she’ll lay at the center of us all making sure we are getting our work done and asking for belly rubs.

I bring this all up because it’s the awesome team that I am able to work with that lets me bring her in every once in a while. They’re a great and understanding team, and they have made Pea a part of the Daxlanta family.

There are perks for working in the corporate office in Birmingham, but this is one that has  an unofficial leg up for the Daxlanta team.

Alex S. is a Product Manager who strives to create awesome experiences.

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