When I was little, I was a very messy child. I threw my clothes on the floor, Barbies tossed from corner to corner, toys everywhere. My room looked like a war zone. But, whenever my mom just couldn’t take it anymore and would clean my room, I would throw a tantrum beyond all tantrums. Why? Because I so firmly believed I couldn’t find anything after that. I’m sure I’m not alone on this, but I’m glad I grew out of it.

I like to think I’m a fairly organized person now, but after this week’s TMD: Let’s Get Organized, I realize I still need a bit of help, professionally and personally. No, I don’t have my clothes thrown all over the floor (they’re located in the corner of my bedroom) but my growing to do lists, overflowing emails, and papers seem to be everywhere.

Lisa H and Melissa W did a great job leading this TMD. I loved it when they started out our meeting with, “We meet about meetings.”  Ain’t that the truth. I was blown away by how on top they are, communicating within their team and the teams they work closely together with. They utilize collaboration spaces, MyDaxko and HipChat. It’s all about visibility, holding yourself accountable for your actions. Sharing your tasks with your team, holds you responsible for your tasks, helps you be prepared, and stay on track. Isn’t that the whole point to being organized? To help you stay on track of your daily life?

With technology today, you think it would be a piece of cake to stay organized. There’s an app for that. Well guess what, there is an app for everything. But to be honest, I find having the option to have an app for every little thing in my life, a bit overwhelming. Instead of finding it helpful, I feel like it weighs me down at times. It was great to learn about some sites and apps that actually do some good.

First up: Wunderlist. Designed to help you plan for anything, manage goals and tasks, collaborate with others, and with easy access, this one seemed like a clear winner for the Marketing team.

Next: Cozi. Cozi is a free app and website that manages everyone’s schedules and all your lists in one online organizer that the whole family can use.  This will come in handy with a baby on the way for sure. My husband and I need to move past writing down the grocery list on a post-it note.

Also: Evernote. I’ve heard good things about Evernote for awhile now, but have never given it a try. Its tag line – Remember Everything. No wonder the icon is of an elephant. I’m surprised I haven’t downloaded it right away just based on that… Roll Tide.

The list went on: Doodle, If This, Then That, Cam Scanner. All sounded like great tools to organize my life, professionally and personally.

What I took away from this TMD that hit the core was this, you have to figure out what is important, what’s truly urgent. Make a list, but just because it’s on the list doesn’t mean you have to check it off right away. Give yourself a little grace when you start to organize your life. It will take a little time to get in a routine. Baby steps.

Katie R. is an Office Manager, a strawberry cake aficionado, a wanna-be runner, and a goldendoodle lover.

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