Giving Thanks

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None of us work in a vacuum.  That is especially true at Daxko where collaboration and teamwork are evident in our environment (team pods, no offices, open spaces galore), as well as in how we work –using Agile development methods, having brainstorming sessions, etc.  So, in a place where teamwork is the norm, it is inevitable that people will help people.  And, being raised with good manners, we will then want to thank the person or people that helped us.

It seems simple enough, but we recently started using a Performance Planning tool called and in it, we can send a “thanks” in writing to another team member so that others can see and keep the praise to refer to later.  So, this made me think more about being purposeful with my thanks.  To me, that means knowing:

  • Who to thank(is there someone behind the scenes and not just in front of me who deserves credit);
  • When to thank (now, immediately, not later sometime);
  • Why to thank….this is probably the most important part.  A “thanks” is special if it is for something special/out of the ordinary/beyond the norm.  Those moments happen a lot, though, so I have to keep my eyes open!
  • How to thank (sincerely, specifically and in my own words).

I have found that a quick thank you in the moment is so appreciated, but sometimes taking that further by keeping the above points in mind can have a long lasting effect on the person, and on me. And I love using our new tool,, to do so.

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