Bored at work. I hear people say this sometimes. (Sometimes, it’s apparent by their midday Facebook posts about it.) I’ve been there (who hasn’t?). In the two years I’ve been at Daxko, though, I’m pretty sure that phrase has never crossed my lips!

Why people are bored at work

They’re not challenged. If the work’s too easy, maybe the employee gets it done rather quickly (emptying the day’s to-do list). Or maybe the work’s not “flexing the creative muscles” enough, making the employee disinterested in what is left to do.

They’re not in the right role. It happens at a lot of companies. Say Jane Doe was hired to be a nurse. She’s got the qualifications on paper and enough interest in the job to have had 5 years under her belt. The thing is, Jane’s not that great with people. She is, however, AWESOME with technology. She rushes through her days with patients half-heartedly but looks forward to the end of the day when she gets to tinker with the electronic health records and billing system. Maybe Jane would be a *rockstar* if she was moved to the back office?

How Daxko makes sure we aren’t bored at work

Daxko provides interesting work. There’s no shortage of work for us to do. There will always be problems in the non-profit space that Daxko team members can try to solve. One of the coolest things about Daxko, in my opinion, is the impact our work has on our customers’ customers. We’re not trying to help organizations sell out their merchandise. We’re trying to help them be as efficient as they can be in order to engage more people to live happier, healthier lives. (It’s a warm-and-fuzzy that actually drew me to working here.)

Daxko tries to find the best fit for team members. There’s a presentation Dave Gray gives for Daxko newbies called “Daxko DNA.” I heard something in this presentation that’s always stuck with me. I can’t recall the exact quote, but it was something like “we want to get the right people on the bus and then we can figure out where they sit.” Daxko recognizes a good thing when they see it, and if someones got the aptitude and the attitude, chances are the person is a good fit for the company. Sometimes it takes a little shifting around until you figure out wherein lies your rockstar powers.

Are you bored at work? Maybe you should check out Daxko’s job openings. The challenges await you!

Astrid P. is an interaction designer who will one day design a better way to design a better way.

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