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Birmingham, Our Home

By October 24, 2013 No Comments

One thing that I have frequently heard from Daxko’s leadership is that as we grow, Birmingham will be the home of our corporate office. We are not looking to get big and move away.  This is our home. We want to build something special here.

I think that is pretty cool and sentimental.

Birmingham is known for many things historically and currently, but not so much the home of the “Google of the South”.  Over the past few months, a few of my team mates have highlighted some other neat aspects about Birmingham.  Whether it is the Great Things Percolating in the Magic City in 2013 or the Urban Renewal in Downtown, Birmingham has a lot to offer.

Another highlight about this beautiful southern city is its restaurants.  The New York Times recently published a piece highlighting a unique and locally well known restaurant, the Highlands Bar and Grill.

Here is another reason why you may want to relocate to Birmingham or at least visit the Highlands Bar and Grill when you drop by.

Sweet Home Cooking Alabama

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