5 Tips to do Email RIGHT

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While eMarketers are unable to control the decisions and changes within Gmail, we are in control of our email strategies. Here are some tips to make sure your emails won’t get stuck by spam filters and will stand the test of any email changes likely to come out in the near future:

  1. Review your content. Now is a great time to take a hard look at what you are sending. Make sure you have a good mix of marketing and valuable information to avoid getting transferred to the “promotions” folder by either Gmail or manually by your recipients. Or, even worse, be labeled “spam.” Creating quality content that appropriately fills a need for your members is ALWAYS a good rule to follow for eMarketers.
  2. Pay attention to stats. Keeping your pulse on your email statistics is always an important component of running successful email campaigns. During times of transition, whether internal or external, this information can tell you how changes are affecting your campaigns. At Daxko we spend time not just analyzing one campaign or month of emails at a time for our clients, but also benchmarking that information against averages. We look at email performance based on month-over-month as well as a 3 month average. Looking at average performance allows you to minimize any affect that one specific email might have had or other outside affects like holidays. With the Gmail inbox changes, I would recommend pulling out your Gmail addresses (if possible) and look at the statistics related to emails prior to and after the change. This analysis will allow you to specifically identify what affect, if any, the Gmail tabs have had.
  3. Be consistent! Be sure that your branding stays consistent on your communications. A big part of that is to ensure that your emails are always coming from the same email address.  Creating consistency with your sender address will educate your member on what to expect and what emails can be classified as coming from you. If you change the sender address and your member has designated your emails to appear in the “Primary” tab, Gmail may not know to file your emails into the appropriate tab and your recipient may miss them.
  4. Help your readers. After the Gmail changes, many large eCommerce sites sent emails to their mailing lists instructing them how to file their emails in the Primary tab. You may want to consider creating a similar email to deploy to your Gmail addresses.
  5. Create accounts. Consider creating bogus accounts with all the major email providers.  You can send test emails to these accounts and you can add them to your mailing list.  This will allow you first hand to see what emails are getting through and how appear in various sender accounts.

The email service provider changes that we are seeing are all about giving more control to the end user. The new Gmail tabs give the recipient the power to define which emails go where and how they view their inbox. In the end, content is king. If you are providing content that your recipients need and want to read then you are well positioned for future changes – whatever those changes may be.

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