I had the opportunity last week to be onsite with a nonprofit association that is now the newest and the largest customer utilizing our flagship product, Daxko Operations.

It was reinvigorating to experience firsthand the impact our solution has on the frontline staff utilizing it to more effectively execute their work every day, and on the executives leading their progressive organization into the future. Finally, this trip also gave me a chance to witness the eleven Daxko team members onsite last week deliver an exceptional experience for our newest partner.

Also, this Daxko Operations install holds a special place in my heart. I first met the CEO of this association 10 years ago when Daxko was just getting started. As it played out, the timing wasn’t right then (maybe we weren’t ready for a customer this size back then, but of course with the enthusiasm and eagerness of a startup, we certainly thought we were…right Wei, Ming, JSides, April, and Britney?). Well, things happen for a reason, and the timing is right in 2013.

Situations like these that demonstrate our focus, determination, and patience are priceless and reinforce that our long-term view is valid. Plus, over the past 10 years, that CEO and I have gotten to know each other much better and our respective leadership teams have solid, genuine relationships. All of this means we have the makings of a strong and mutually-beneficial partnership between our two organizations.

Coincidentally, I write this post on a flight on my way to visit another large “future customer.” In fact, I first met them 10 years ago too…

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