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"If I had a dollar for every team I've been on…"

By September 3, 2013 No Comments

We have started asking our recently hired team members if they wanted to contribute a post to the Culture Blog sharing their experience or thoughts after they have been with the company for about 30 days or so.  Here is one from Martha K who joined the Implementation team as an Associate Project Manager.

As a former athlete and coach, I can’t tell you the hundreds of teams I’ve played on or been a part of. In college, I played basketball for a small Division III school, Trinity University, in San Antonio, Texas. A couple of years later, I was the Director of Player Development at the University of Alabama for the women’s basketball team. Most recently (and of what I am most proud), I was the coach of a 6th grade girls championship basketball team, The Blue Devils (starring my precious cousin, Olivia!). I can safely say I’ve been around a lot of teams; if I had a dollar for every team I’ve been on, I’d be a rich woman.

The thing that attracted me to Daxko is the true and genuine sense of teamwork that each person possesses to accomplish our collective goal. You can’t ignore it when you’re here, and from my past experiences, you certainly can’t fake the kind of teamwork and synergy that we have here at Daxko. It’s contagious and inherently a part of everyone here at Daxko. And after 3 months here, it’s more even more evident in the way people work day-in and day-out.

We have a relentless commitment and drive to serve our customers that is unparalleled simply because we truly understand the real meaning of “team.” This commitment built our culture, which is deliberately instilled in every aspect of our organization.

Within these walls, there is something special that goes on. Many will try to duplicate this synergistic atmosphere but few will achieve. And it all starts with the people who have the ability to see beyond themselves to contribute towards the progress of our customers and the positive impact they have on their communities. I’m proud to be on Team Daxko and proud of the work we do! That being said, I’ll end with this — All together, better!

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