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Don't Stress!!

By September 24, 2013 2 Comments

September has been a particularly busy month for Engage Driver Services. We have switched to a new survey system, are in the process of switching to new software for making calls, and are working on a plethora of new projects. On top of that, we were also preparing our table and presentations for Reach.

I’ll admit it – I get stressed out over almost everything. I think it began when I started kindergarten. Not only did I have to leave my seven (that’s right, 7) imaginary friends at home and make real friends, but I also had to learn how to get my classwork and homework done in an allotted amount of time. I couldn’t stand the thought of getting a note sent home to my mom because I hadn’t turned in my work.

And that was kindergarten. It only got crazier as I advanced in school. By the time senior year rolled around, I was trying to balance AP Government/Economics, AP Anatomy/Physiology, Honors English, Creative Writing, drama club, Science Olympiad, student council, and a myriad of other classes and organizations (can we say overachiever?). At least it prepared me for college!

My mom gave me some advice one day when I was 17 and feeling particularly anxious about finals and papers: “Take it one step at a time, and don’t forget to give yourself a break every now and then.” Here are a few more tips she shared with me about dealing with stress:

  1. It’s okay to multitask, but if you’re feeling overwhelmed, concentrate on what’s due first.
  2. Exercise. It helps clear the mind and can alleviate frustration.
  3. Allow yourself to have fun. Take a break and watch a funny show or spend time with friends who make you laugh.
  4. Have a support system – people you can call, text, or email for encouragement.
  5. Get some sleep! It’s common to pull all-nighters in the wake of pressing deadlines, but you’ll feel worse the next day.

While stress in the corporate world is a bit different from stress in the academic world, the tips my mom gave me for handling overwhelming situations still ring true. I have been able to accomplish a lot this month by keeping her advice in mind. Mom knows best (but don’t tell her I said so).

Janna B. is a Engage Services Trainer who is begrudgingly becoming a morning person and wishes she lived in the late 1960s/early 1970s.

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