Cross Team Communication & a Wind Up Watch

By September 10, 2013 No Comments

A month ago I went watch shopping. I found a cool style I liked, with a big face where you could see the gold (plated) watch gears working inside. What amazed me was that this was a wind up  watch. For you millenials out there, a wind up watch has no batteries to replace. You wind it when you wear it, cranking the gears. I love watching some twenty fine-tuned parts tick-tocking around, advancing the seconds, minutes and hours.

At our last cross-team communication meeting at Daxko, I was looking at my watch. It occurred to me that the purpose of our meeting was a lot like the wheels in this watch. The cross-team communication happens once a month. The team leads across the organization get together for 45 minutes and announce the big stuff happening on their team in the coming month. Each team lead takes note so they can communicate it to their own teams, in terms of “why this may be important to you.” Like the wheels on my watch, it’s pretty cool to see how each wheel advances the other, and our meeting is the “face” where we all see how it comes together. Seconds, minutes, hours, weeks and months—we see major projects come to fruition.

The whole process is kind of manual, like the winding of my watch. A face-to-face meeting, writing on the whiteboard wall, people taking notes, and discussion. I love that. And I highly recommend a wind up watch. It makes me aware of the mechanics of time. And I like our cross-team communication meeting. It makes me aware of all the moving parts that advance our mission.

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