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Q2 2013 Centurion Award

By August 20, 2013 No Comments

It is once again time to announce the recipients of the Daxko Software Products Centurion Award. We give out up to 5 awards each quarter in recognition of team members within the Software Products team that best demonstrated the core value of exceptional ownership/passion for their work, product/service, and team over the last quarter in one or more of the following three areas:

  • Delivering solutions and experiences that our customers love and trust
  • Delivering customer experiences in alignment with our customer experience vision
  • Embracing experimentation and the concept of creating more at bats

The Q2 2013 Daxko Software Products Centurion Award winners are Trent K, Grace M, Jeremy P, Chad S, and Saranda W…

Trent for his awesome work on the Well team while keeping the Software Craftsman Guild and the spirit of innovation alive and well.

Grace for her awesome work on providing an exceptional experience for our customers everyday but also in driving better relationships with customers onsite in South Alabama and pitching in on the training team for Buffalo.

Jeremy for his awesome work in pushing the envelope with the API team and his work on test automation and load testing.

Chad for his awesome work on all things ActiveLife Apps.

And Saranda for her awesome work on all kinds of things – Raptor, Playerspace, Board Effect, Insight, market research, etc.

Congrats to the five of them on a great quarter!

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