In a very hands-on and interactive way, April B. recently helped Team Members to better understand our brand, our value and our future.  It was a fun, tasty (candy was great for positive reinforcement) and informative Team Member Development (TMD) event.  April created ambassadors of us all by helping us to be able to reinforce the Daxko brand when we are talking to customers, friends, prospects at events, potential new team members, or anyone else (even your grandmother when she asks the inevitable, “What do you do” question).

April accomplished this by first defining several terms for us such as brand and positioning statement.  For example, the Daxko positioning statement is “Software that makes a difference.  People who make it better.”  And our brand is reinforced in many ways such as through clothing, having the Daxko Mark throughout our environment and using our company colors and logo in various ways in our office as well as events we attend.

So, what makes Daxko valuable?  There are four primary ways that our products and services bring value to our customers.  Daxko helps our customers:

  1. Do more with less;
  2. Find, grow and retain members;
  3. Drive involvement;
  4. Remain relevant

What do we want to be?  The view we hope customers, team members and others have of Daxko is that we are:

  • A trusted partner;
  • A leader/innovator;
  • A provider of an exceptional experience

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