The Power of Professional Development

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One of the many perks of being a Daxko team member is having a self-directed professional development budget.  As a self-professed learning junkie, deciding how I’ll use my budget makes me giddy—much like buying school supplies over the summer.  But that’s another story.

My most recent professional development endeavor was as a guest at the Nonprofit Executive Leadership Institute hosted by the Alabama Association of Nonprofits.   We were treated to a full-day leadership workshop led by Brian Jones, Principal Consultant of Patrick Lencioni’s Table Group Consulting.

The day was based around Patrick Lencioni’s The Advantage—a book devoted to organizational health.  What is exactly is organizational health?

Essentially, an organization is healthy when politics and confusion are minimal, morale and productivity are high, and turnover is low.   Sounds pretty good, right? Thankfully, Daxko is pretty darn healthy by those standards.

I learned so much during the workshop that I couldn’t possibly share it all here.  However, here are a few of my key takeaways:

  • The four disciplines for organizational health are:
    1. Build a Cohesive Leadership Team
    2. Create Clarity
    3. Over-Communicate Clarity
    4. Reinforce Clarity
  • The foundation of any successful team is to build trust.  Understand what contributes and erodes trust for you and your teammates.
  • Your role as a leader is to be the Chief Clarity Officer (CCO) for your team.  Minimizing confusion is essential.

Have you read The Advantage?  What were you key takeaways?

Lisa H. is Director of Go-to-Market Strategy, and she thinks that Chex Mix and a Coke is the breakfast of champions.

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