Engaging staff is essential for moving the needle and encouraging them to be invested in the mission. Here are some creative ways to get them the information they need.

If your operations system provides the ability to create staff alerts, which will appear when a staff member logs in, use the opportunity to regularly communicate with and engage them. Think: policy changes or upcoming training opportunities.

Be proactive about providing training opportunities for staff. Print out training resources and post them around staff areas, forward emailed training resources to your team, and schedule refresher courses when releasing new policies and practices. If setting up a system alert to inform staff of upcoming training, be sure to include the registration URL in the message.

Ever heard of Screenr?
Think a quick video could enhance staff training? We do! Screenr allows the creation of a short video that uses your screen and voice. The end product is easily delivered with a link, which you can link to in a system staff alert.

Empower staff in the mission of your organization. Communicate goals: campaign progress, budget goals, program enrollment, and membership sales.

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