What Members Should Never Say (Post 2 of 2)

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“Why is a membership here so expensive?”
What is your onboarding process for new members? How do you showcase amenities and set your center apart from others?

If your members do not understand why your price is $65 a month and the 24-hour club down the street is $35, then your team has not truly “sold” the center’s benefits. Also, if your members are paying premium price just to run on a treadmill, you may be facing retention risk. Reach out to those members and let them try out all your center has to offer: group x classes, massage therapy, personal training. Once your members see the expertise of your staff and the suite of services you provide, they can understand the value of their membership.

“No one knows my name.”
Yikes. This means that someone recognizes that he/she is an active member, but no one acknowledges him/her when they walk in, work out, take a class.

I personally find power in “knowing” someone at my wellness center. I have a metro membership that allows me to navigate between any location. However, I continue to work out at one branch every week. Why? Because I know “Sara” who teaches my class and she knows “Anne.”

Everyone wants to feel special where they are a “member” rather than a “customer.” A membership means belonging to something, and someone needs to confirm that I am important to them. Simply greeting someone by name could be the difference between a lifetime member and a retention risk.

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