In the midst of software changes, you’ll likely be faced with the age-old questions of SaaS vs. server.

So, what are the benefits of SaaS (Software as a Service) as opposed to a server-based solution?

(1) SAVE MONEY Several factors contribute to making it considerably less expensive to implement a SaaS application rather than a server-based system

  • Lower IT costs- no need to purchase and maintain servers, or install and maintain the software
  • Pay as you go- monthly subscription fees are much more flexible than having to cover all costs upfront

(2) SAVE TIME Because you eliminate many of the typical implementation tasks associated with licensed software, and because the software is already up and running the launch timeframe tends to be much shorter than implementing a server-based solution.

(3) FOCUS YOUR TECHNOLOGY BUDGETS ON COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE RATHER THAN INFRASTRUCTURE When you subscribe to a web-hosted application, you free your organization from supporting high-cost, time consuming IT functions, including:

  • Purchasing and supporting the server infrastructure necessary to install and maintain the software in house
  • Providing the equipment redundancy and housing necessary to ensure security, reliability, and scalability
  • Maintaining a labor-intensive patch and upgrade process

(4) GAIN IMMEDIATE ACCESS TO THE LATEST INNOVATIONS In a SaaS model, you will benefit from updates and innovation in an on-going basis. As soon as new and improved features are released, you can begin using them.*

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