Tips for Getting More Out of Facebook

By May 7, 2013 No Comments

Are you using Facebook as basically a way to mass email members? Just putting out news and ads? How are you getting people to actually converse with you? Facebook brings so much more to the table.

Tone: Be real. And be short and concise. Remember, people are reading from their phones more often than not with Facebook. Be cheery and funny, and tie in pop culture or relevant news.

Use informal internet language, such as “check this out” or “head on over to our website.” Show personality, and share things you like and that your members like and that are relevant. (Hey, it’s okay to say “haha” if it’s funny.)

Tell stories: Highlight the successes of your members and your community, not just your organization.

Ask questions: Questions can be very open-ended or not even directly related to your association. “What do you think the biggest health problem in our country is?” / “What’s your favorite workout machine at the facility?”

Add visuals: Posts pictures or graphics with text that are compelling enough for people to share with their friends. Facebookers love to share a good visual!

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