The number of organizations reporting confidence in their facilities’ ability to meet community needs dropped from 56% to 49% in one year, and the amount claiming ineffectiveness went up from 44% to 51%.

When asked the primary factor for ineffectiveness, 44% of respondents pinpointed out-of-date facilities, while 40% said inadequate design and space constraints hinders them in serving program participants. The inconsistencies between centers and the unique challenges of different locations make improving facility effectiveness all the more difficult, some respondents say.


21% of organizations believe that if facilities are improved, member retention improvement will follow. And that 21% is right on track: the YMCA of Greater New York saw an 11.2% increase in member retention as the result of a facility redesign.

In addition, the Invensys YMCA, Fond du Lac YMCA, and Penn Hills YMCA saw more than 100% growth in membership after redesigns; the Invensys YMCA saw as much as a 144% increase. (Source: Daxko T2 Consulting Facility Development and Design)

Creating member and community connections in facilities will be key this year. Three ways to drive connectivity in your space: the facility layout should be open and transparent; venues in the space should be organized around a central spine or hub; and the space should be designed with connections between venues.

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